Lap of Faith Inc

Our Mission

Lap of Faith Inc is a 501c3 organization, founded to promote awareness of the debilitating effects of depression and other mental illnesses, and help those enduring such illness, to minimize those effects and thus, realize a timelier recovery while they develop a healthy self esteem to face each day with purpose and confidence!

Why the name, Lap of Faith"?

Few things are as mentally challenging as seemingly, going in circles and not making progress. You must have FAITH in yourself , where you are going, and your plan to get there. Hence the name, Lap of Faith.  You just have to believe... in yourself! 

What does Lap of Faith mean?

Lap of Faith is about never giving up as you pursue a goal that rests solely in your mind. It's about believing in yourself and your plan to reach your goal and, despite facing adversity and challenges, focusing on the "now" by taking one step; one lap; one day at a time in pursuit of your mission.

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For taking the time to consider our cause...