Larry Federici, President

Larry was always a positive & optimistic person, and most of his adult life, a successful salesman and entrepreneur. Things usually went his way. But looking back to 1998, when his sister suddenly passed away at 40 years of age, Larry realized that is when his depression began. Mild at first, it worsened over 10+ years, resulting in a failed marriage, job loss, and housing & financial instability. During that time, he felt very unsettled and the year after his sister died, he left a successful sales position at a leading, international corporation for a substantial salary increase. Still unfulfilled, Larry quit that job to start his own company, one which provided non-medical, in-home services to seniors and the disabled. While his company grew to 14 employees and gained an exceptional reputation for quality and caring services, Larry's depression worsened.

In 2004, Larry sought medical treatment and received counseling and medication. Those helped somewhat, but he believed that he was worthless. The depression became severe, and the resulting poor decisions had devastating results. Larry closed his business and returned to operations & sales management and then outside sales. Ultimately, the depression continued and with his mind very much discombobulated, his work performance suffered tremendously. In 2010, months after his divorce was finalized, he lost his job, and his reputation.

Being alone, Larry remembered his core confidence and began to climb out of his funk immediately. By early 2012, he stopped all medication and counseling. Now in a deep hole but with his self-esteem coming back, Larry took various jobs, raising his income by $1 /hour at times, until in 2015, he secured a solid salary of $50,000 annually and was able to rent his own apartment. He was climbing back!

In the midst of his depressive period, Larry returned to college in 2007 to pursue a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Several of his instructors told him that, whatever he did, he needed to be in front of people, presenting. From that point forward, Larry knew that he would one day share his story. Now is the time.

For the three years preceding his job loss in 2010, Larry's manager did little to help him stay on track and focused through his depression. The manager obviously didn't know how to manage a person enduring an invisible illness. Most people don't. For that very reason, Larry will utilize his 30+ years entrepreneurial, management and presenting experience to help others gain purpose, direction and confidence, while minimizing the devastating effects that living with depression often brings. This all ties into Larry's longtime mission to grow people, which in this case, is by helping others to regain their confidence and achieve the results they envision for a successful life.

Currently a Project Lighting Specialist at Green Mountain Electric Supply, and President at "paused" LS Federici Consulting LLC,  Larry brings an authentic, optimistic, "believe in yourself" mindset to Lap of Faith. His experience and real life perspective enables our audience to realize that they are not alone in their struggle for good mental health.

Diana Federici, OT,
Secretary, Education Coordinator

Diana graduated from State University of NY at Buffalo as an Occupational Therapist. Over her career, she worked with both children and adults who presented developmental delays, physical disabilities, or serious work injuries. For all these people, Diana felt her primary role was to advocate for them. This would involve teaching parents, children, or caretakers how to understand and work effectively with their loved ones who had sustained illness or injury. She also treated clients with work related injuries, where advocacy was key to them receiving the therapy they needed , along with job site evaluations, if warranted, for their safe return to employment.

An accomplished presenter and retired Occupational Therapist, Diana brings empathy, creativity and a strong educational mindset to the Lap of Faith Board of Directors. Her experiences in and out of the medical community lend themselves well to guiding our organization to meet and exceed the goals at Lap of Faith.

Deborah Maloney Hicks,
Treasurer, Director of Events,

Deb is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Niagara University, Bachelor of Business Administration. She is an accountant for Kelton Enterprises, Tim Horton's Franchise owner. Deb is a past Member, Treasurer, and President for Lockport Junior Service League from 1998-2008, where she spearheaded many original, charitable projects, including several Buffalo Sabres Alumni Game(s) to benefit local charities. Currently Deb serves as President and Treasurer for the Chris Maloney Legacy Foundation which was formed in 2016, in memory of her son who passed due to addiction. With a different perspective that, Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry; the foundation's mission is to raise awareness of the growing issues surrounding addiction, work with our community using programs geared toward addiction prevention, and help support in the treatment of this disease.

Deb hopes to contribute to Lap of Faith in a fundraising/event capacity due to her years of experience with successful results and community connections.