This cause, carried forth by Lap of Faith, is dedicated to Larry's sister Georgette, who's passing in 1998 at the early age of 40 years, unknowingly, began his downward spiral that resulted in, over 17 years: a failed marriage, loss of employment and destruction of a career, unstable housing, financial hardship, and a complete lack of self-worth.

It is also dedicated to his mother, Helen, and grandmother, Mary, who's positive and vivacious spirits were instilled into him as a child and thus, developed a deep,  healthy self-esteem that eventually resurrected itself and enabled him to find the strength & belief in himself - to persevere and endure through the 17+ years of malarkey.

A healthy core confidence developed as a child, was the foundation of Larry's recovery from depression. Lap of Faith will pursue our mission in these ladies honor, to promote the development of healthy self-esteems and provide the tools to facilitate timely recovery from depression and other mental illnesses. We do this work so that others can avoid the pain of; and minimize the pitfalls; of enduring such malarkey.